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Cuisine Romefort

Chef knife carbon steel XC75 8.7 inches blade with leather sheath


Chef knife carbon steel XC75 8.7 inches blade with leather sheath

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Cuisine Romefort Carbon Steel Chef knife 8.7 inches blade with matching calfskin case - a reference for quality that proudly bears our family name

Benoît Romefort, the owner of Cuisine Romefort, stands for the quality of Cuisine Romefort products with his name. He loves first class kitchenware and especially knives, which he learned to feel in his work as a knife sharpener. His expertise in this craft means that the needs of chefs and hobby chefs are very present in his work. So he has had a unique product manufactured available on and proudly bears his family name. The Cuisine Romefort knife is manufactured in Thiers, the stronghold of knives in France, comparable to Solingen in Germany.

The Cuisine Romefort Chef's Knife convinces with its ergonomic design, which fits perfectly in the hand. It is 13,8 inches long and weighs approx. 0,5 lb. The reddish-brown bubinga handle not only feels good, but also looks very elegant. The handle is attached with three rivets to the blade, which is forged from one piece.

The blade of the knife, 8,7 inches long and made of carbon steel XC75, is hardened with 58 Rockwell. This makes it harder than ordinary knife blades, has a high cutting durability and is less susceptible to microchipping. The wide knife blade - 2,4 inches at the widest point - is reminiscent of the functionality of a Santoku knife. The handle lies far above the blade so that there is enough space underneath for the fingers and they do not touch the chopping board when slicing, cutting and chopping. The carbon steel blade wears slowly and you can get it razor sharp again with just a few pulls of a sharpening steel. The Chef knife is therefore suitable as an all-rounder for cutting meat, fish and vegetables.

You can clean a carbon steel knife by rinsing it with water immediately after cutting and drying it with a cloth. The use of detergent is not recommended as it may damage the natural patina of the knife. The natural patina created by cutting with the knife protects the blade. The knife should be kept away from dishwashers and even lying in water for long periods of time will damage the wood of the handle.

With the calf leather bag belonging to the knife, you offer the knife a natural care and the best protection. Due to the fat tanning of the case, the leather contains a proportion of fat that is transferred to the carbon blade.

Apart from the practical use, the calf leather case is a feast for the eyes and precisely matched to the Cuisine Romefort knife. The brown of the leather fits perfectly to the wooden handle and the blade fits perfectly to the cut. A flap, which can be closed with a button, holds the knife firmly in the pocket. The bag blends in with the elegant design of the knife and not only enhances its appearance, but also its protective and caring side effect. It is a must for anyone who appreciates precise handwork.

After some time, some grease may leak from the leather of the case and appear as a white residue on the leather. With a dry cloth you can simply wipe away the grease or alternatively place the case on a heater. The warmth will draw the fat back into the leather.
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